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Blue Sky Energy offers comprehensive residential and commercial diagnostic testing to determine a structures energy rating. A HERS Verification (which stands for Home Energy Rating System) is required on all new construction buildings and dwellings in Florida. Blue Sky Energy uses proven technology to determine your home’s HERS Rating by pinpointing leakage throughout the home (or commercial space) that leads to higher energy consumption and higher heating and cooling costs.

Our professional, accredited technicians run diagnostic tests to determine the efficacy of your HVAC system as well as the permeability of your home’s Thermal Envelope, inclusive of windows, doors, insulation and more. Using a variety of solutions, Blue Sky Energy can repair or upgrade the ventilation of your home or commercial space to meet optimal energy standards, which both lowers energy costs and can qualify you for valuable tax credits.

-- Saves You Money
Positive Nature Impact
Tax Credit
Improve Energy Ratings

Main Reasons Why Choose Us

Save Money

The average home leaks about 30% of its conditioned air

Maintain Household Temp

Stay comfortable without overworking your AC / Heater

Improve Energy Ratings

By Improving your Energy Ratings, you'll save and have greater resale value

Reduce Environment Footprint

Increasing positive energy footprint in the world is one step to solving major issues facing civilization today.

Qualify for Tax Credit

You could be eligible for about $2,000+/- energy tax credit per household

Accredited Technician Test

performs a visual inspection and diagnostic testing throughout the home, or dwelling to identify sources of leakage


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