A HERS Verification (which stands for Home Energy Rating System) is required on all new construction buildings and dwellings in South Florida, and on qualifying renovations. Blue Sky Energy uses proven technology to determine your home’s HERS Rating by pinpointing leakage throughout the home (or commercial space) that leads to higher energy consumption and higher heating and cooling costs.


HERS Verification Report


Your custom HERS Verification Report includes a virtual model of your home and identifies each vulnerability in your home’s HVAC system and its thermal envelope, which includes insulation, windows, and doors. This custom calculation of energy loss determines the cost and excess output of energy on your home’s heating and cooling systems. Our expert team at Blue Sky Energy is then able to restore or replace issues to reduce energy loss and improve your home’s overall energy rating.


Individuals qualified to provide air leakage testing include energy auditors, energy raters, Class A or B air-conditioning contractors and mechanical contractors, plus approved third parties. At Blue Sky Energy, we employ only the best HVAC and testing experts in the South Florida region. We take pride in our professionalism as we conduct testing in your home to improve your overall indoor air quality and save you money in energy costs.


Why You Need A HERS Verification

Securing a HERS Rating is required for all new construction homes and commercial spaces, and may also be required for certain additions or renovations, or when new duct or HVAC system has been installed. In fact, the blower door test is often conducted in advance of receiving a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Section 402.4.1.2 of the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition 2014 Energy Conservation now mandates blower door testing for New Residential Construction.


A HERS Rating may also identify if certain problems are leading to excessive energy consumption and higher energy costs. A low HERS Rating validates compliance and will also help keep energy costs low for the homeowner. A high HERS Rating helps underscore the need to retrofit changes to increase ventilation efficacy.


Understanding the Florida Building Code Guidelines

Since 2017, the state of Florida has required energy testing as part of the 2014 Florida Building Code. The requirements are listed in Section R402.4.1.2, a revisional code added to the 5th edition of the 2014 FBCEC (Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation). You can access this supplemental code here: https://www.floridabuilding.org/fbc/thecode/2017_Code_Development/Glitch_2016/2016_Supplement_to_the_5th_Edition_2014_FBC.htm


Per Florida code, a home cannot change out its conditioned air more than 7x per hour in order to meet compliance itemized within the guidelines. As a comparison, an efficient home should change its air out about 3 times per hour. A Blower Door Test is capable of determining how many air changes happen per hour in your home using powerful wind-driven technology and by gauging the pressure versus the outside environment. When a test reveals a high level of air exchange, leaks and vulnerabilities in the homes HVAC System and Thermal Envelope must be fixed.


Even if your South Florida home or commercial space is not new construction, getting a comprehensive HERS Report can identify what changes you can make to lower your energy cost and consumption. Here’s how a HERS Report can help save you money and decrease your footprint on the environment:

  • Save money in utility costs
  • Improve your home’s energy rating (great for resale value)
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Qualify for valuable tax credits


Blue Sky Energy offers comprehensive residential and commercial diagnostic testing in the South Florida region to determine a structures energy rating. Blue Sky Energy uses proven technology to determine your home’s HERS Rating by pinpointing leakage throughout the home (or commercial space) that leads to higher energy consumption and higher heating and cooling costs. With our help, you can actually achieve a “net zero” energy consumption by improving vulnerabilities shown during our comprehensive testing, and by installing recommended energy solutions to reduce your home’s overall energy consumption.


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